A group of friends get together to chat about everything and anything, with plenty of Tv & movie chat, whilst knocking back a few beers. Spoilers and naughty words are highly likely...

Episode Patient Zero


So, in 2015, during an online gaming session a friend said we should start a podcast. We thought, why not?! So we assembled in the flat, drank some beers, plugged a gaming headset into a laptop and hit record. This is how beer club started (at the time we called it Tossing The Salad). Ben was the host, we had no idea about editing and no idea what to do (we still dont). But we drunkenly chatted about Tv shows, movies and there was a fair share of 'getting used to the mic'. But here you go, our first previously unreleased pilot epiosde. Maybe we'll drop a few more of the unreleased content in the future. If you've listened before then hopefully your bar will already be set low. This episode makes us sound like pros. And its Cuffs, not Crufts. 



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